Building a sustainable
artist career

This program will help you:

  • Move forward with your artist career
  • Define your goals and create a plan for success
  • Structure your art management process
  • Unlock the artworld protocol and networking codes
  • Get more confident about your work

Artist Workshop

The Outside The Studio workshop gives you practical information about the protocol, conduct and temperament of the art world. In a total of 9 sessions, the workshop builds on your individual strengths with a hands on approach, based on my knowledge and personal experience from the artworld. Similar to what I teach in art institutions, the workshop features an extensive overview of how the artworld works and how to navigate it successfully. It is divided into three main sections, each with 3 chapters for a total of 9 teaching modules (ca. 180 minutes total). Each section comes with a worksheet, templates and practical assignments.


  • Insight to the “Big Picture” of the art market
  • Professional artist management methods
  • Further clarity and strategy towards career goals
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence and motivation

Artist Evaluation

Something is bugging you? You are in an uncomfortable position and hesitate about what you next step should be? Take the evaluation quizz, address the main challenge for your artist career and get on track! The key benefit of the artist evaluation and follow-up session is that you'll be in a position to outline your career strategy.


  • Establish where you are in your artist career
  • Identify strengths and areas you need to work on
  • Address your main challenge for success
  • Outline a strategy for moving your career forward

Artist Coaching

I offer coaching sessions in English, French and German. We connect via Skype or phone and start with short update of how things stand, what you have achieved so far, the goals and challenges you face. We then draft an initial strategy to move your career forward. Everything is based on your personal needs, strengths and will address how to overcome the challenges you face. Our sessions are completely private and any information shared remain strictly confidential.

Having established your career standpoint, we follow up with an action oriented approach as I accompany you towards your goals with specific training and assignments. During the sessions you may choose to discuss a variety of topics such as reviewing your artist statement, website or an upcoming gallery show.  We can further elaborate on topics such as informal communication, how to build a network or go over preparations for a studio visit or a business negotiation.


  • Clear artist identify to face the artworld
  • Motivation to follow your plan and achieve your goals
  • Natural confidence on how to carry yourself in the art world

Choose between two special offers:

Silver Package

  • Artist Career Workshop (9 Teaching Modules)
  • Evaluation Quizz
  • Career Assessment Coaching Session
  • Special Offer: $97 (List Price: €198)

Gold Package

  • Artist Career Workshop (9 Teaching Modules)
  • Evaluation Quizz
  • Career Assessment Coaching Session
  • Three (3) Career Strategy Sessions
  • Special Offer: $397 (List Price: €497)


"Maud obviously gets her bearings on the artist and they get used to explaining themselves, thinking about what they’re doing. Thanks again Maud, I’m really glad the art world has warm and encouraging types like you involved."

Edward M., Artist, Australia

"The coaching was a very good wake-up call for me! It was a relief to be able to really talk and get advices about practice and theory, to get more confidence and to adopt a DO IT attitude, instead of thinking all the time about how and what I should be doing. The students in the art academies could really need you for that! It was also helpful to discuss the website in detail. I look forward now to moving forward with my work. Thank you Maud!"


"The coaching with Maud was very useful for me; I found it a nice and extremely effective meeting. Maud has the ability to get into the world of the artist very quickly and to articulate appropriate comments and ideas. With her help, I finally managed to find a clear and accessible structure for my website. Even after the coaching, she provided information such as interesting institutions or artist references. Thanks to Maud s support, I even got in touch with a performance artist and we are currently working on a cooperation. I am absolutely content about my decision to get some guidance from Maud."

SABRINA B. Installation and performance artist

"Maud Piquion, a young curator and art manager with great communication skills, breaks free from the conventional idea of a curator. She accomplished a rare feat of maintaining a fundamental and analytic attitude towards art and realizing art projects. I am highly inspired by her way of translating curatorial statements into exhibitions, as well as by her dynamic way of organizing projects."

- Jung Me Chai, Curator, Project Manager, NRW KULTURsekretariat

"I was over all very satisfied. The coaching was very well structured and Maud s comments were very clear and to the point. She helped me to get a better picture of my own work seen from outside as well as from the view and belongings of the art-scene, and to get a better understanding of how I can present myself within this context."

JONAS M. Artist

"Contemporary Art needs young and intelligent „Art scouts“ at eye level; specialists, who discover / spot artists, support them and bring them together with the right people. Nowadays, the protagonists of the art world are not only the artists, but also gallerists, curators, collectors, journalists; people who can see, read, buy and write. Maud can do this and does it."

Ivo Wessel, Art Collector
Berlin, Germany

"I was very happy with the meeting with Maud. I think it confirmed ideas I already had and showed some new angles I did not think about before. So it made me feel I am on the right track but have to become more pro active."

SASKIA R. Artist Manager

"The workshop gave me a new energy and boosted my ambition as an artist. It felt good to finally be able to talk freely about “taboo topics” of the art world and to realize that one is not alone with issues such as organization, networking, application, finances etc…The workshop helped me realize that as an artist I can take actions and move to improve the opportunities."

Ursula S., Performance / Video Artist

About Me

I'm a project manager and consultant based in Berlin, Germany. Born in France, I have a German Business / Communication degree and studied Art History in Paris. I am a certified business and personal coach.

In 2006, I opened my own gallery in Berlin, participating in various national and international art fairs and partnerships. From 2010 on, I have held various positions in the artworld, i.e. studio manager, gallery director and international sales manager for several international art institutions. I specialize in individual coaching of professional artists and I'm also a frequent lecturer on art management at international universities and institutions.