Artist Workshop

site de rencontres pour plus de 60 ans The Outside The Studio workshop gives you practical information about the protocol, conduct and temperament of the art world. In a total of 9 sessions, the workshop builds on your individual strengths with a hands on approach, based on my knowledge and personal experience from the artworld. Similar to what I teach in art institutions, the workshop features an extensive overview of how the artworld works and how to navigate it successfully. It is divided into three main sections, each with 3 chapters for a total of 9 teaching modules (ca. 180 minutes total). Each section comes with a worksheet, templates and practical assignments.الخيارات-الثنائية-على-إي-تريد-فاينانشال-كورب Benefits:

  • Insight to the “Big Picture” of the art market
  • Professional artist management methods
  • Further clarity and strategy towards career goals
  • Communication skills
  • Confidence and motivation

Monthly Q&A

enter Something is bugging you? You are in an uncomfortable position and hesitate about what you next step should be? Subscribers post their artist career questions and I respond in my monthly invite-only webinar. Other that keeping your career on track, another key benefit is that you will benefit from the experiences of fellow artists too! Questions are answered in a group setting but your full name will not be disclosed.


  • Maintain career progress with monthly follow-up meetings
  • Benefit of the questions and experiences of other artists
  • Easier to book than individual coaching sessions
  • Full confidentiality is guaranteed

How it works: We first cover "Meeting the Artworld", looking at the interaction between the contemporary art market. The second part focuses on "Your Work Outside the Studio", discussing how to document your work, creating a bio / CV and finally, how to promote yourself elegantly. Lastly, we get to "You Outside the Studio", looking at the particular networking skills required in this business. This section covers the art of pitching, how to make the opening night a success, follow-up on new contacts and finally, preparing for a studio visit. In addition, you’ll have access to my monthly Q&A webinars for general follow-up questions.

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  • Artist Workshop (9 teaching modules, ca. 180 minutes): €97
  • Monthly Follow-up Questions (12 months subscription): €97

source url WORKSHOP 9 teaching modules, ca. 180 minutes

follow site including worksheets, templates

rencontre judaique fm and practical exercises

SILVER - € 198 

betnovate scalp lotion buy online WORKSHOP

buy nystatin and triamcinolone acetonide cream 9 teaching modules, ca. 180 minutes

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and practical exercises


1 Year Subscription

Submit career questions and

maintain career progress

GOLD - € 497 


9 teaching modules, ca. 180 minutes

including worksheets, templates

and practical exercises


1 Year Subscription

Submit career questions and

maintain career progress


3 x 60 minutes

About Me I'm a project manager and consultant based in Berlin, Germany. Born in France, I have a German Business / Communication degree and studied Art History in Paris. I am a certified business and personal coach.

In 2006, I opened my own gallery in Berlin, participating in various national and international art fairs and partnerships. From 2010 on, I have held various positions in the artworld, i.e. studio manager, gallery director and international sales manager for several international art institutions. I specialize in individual coaching of professional artists and I'm also a frequent lecturer on art management at international universities and institutions.

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